Shelves are mainly designed for artworks. Shelf can be placed on the wall. Since display is important for small decorative items in addition to boards, the board shelf is perfectly suited as a shelf for small products and decorative items in addition to boards.

The best part of the

Framed postershelf is that once the board shelf has been attached to the wall, the products no longer need to be attached separately. And when, for example, you want to change the position of the boards, you don't have to make new marks on the wall, but you can change the position easily with the board shelf.

If you have a lot of boards or objects, you can install several board shelves on the wall. Place your favorite books, photos and boards on the blackboard shelf. Framed postershelf, photo shelf is suitable for all rooms in the home. In addition to the living room, the board shelf can also be installed in the kitchen, hallway or bedroom.

Framed posterthere is a small groove on the outer edge of the shelf, thanks to which the board leans at the right angle against the wall.

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