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The whole guide
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Delivery from 4.00€. Free delivery for orders over €48.00.

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Delivery from. 9.00€. Free delivery for orders over €100.00.

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Delivery from. 19.00€. Free delivery for orders over €200.00.

🚚 All products are printed, framed, packed and sent from Finland, European Union.

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In all matters, you can choose the transaction channel yourself.

E-mail info@nensa.fi We will reply on the next business day at the latest.
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Nensa Oy.

Nensa is an online store, and we do not have a store.

Business ID: 3189630-5.
Postal address: Holkkitie 14 A, 00880 Helsinki.
Delivery address: Holkkitie 14 C 18 (3rd floor), 00880 Helsinki.

Frame your memories, get a board with your own picture! You can easily order a framed photo print from your own photo online!

A Framed photo print:

- You get to choose the frames, the size of the picture and whether you want perforated cardboard.
- Your photo is printed all the way to the edges, on 260gm2 semi-glossy photo paper.
- The photo paper has a Micro-Porous coating and it lasts up to 100 years.
- We will frame it in the frames you want.
- You can also get framing with passatura, i.e. perforated cardboard. Perforated cardboard is PH-neutral.
- When we attach the picture to the perforated cardboard, we use acid-free tape.

We print your images with durable pigment ink on high-quality semi-glossy paper. The pearlescent paper is white and polyester-based, weighing 260gm2. The paper has been produced specifically for durable prints. Thanks to the Micro-Porous coating, the shelf life of the printed paper is better than many other printing papers.

Image sizes:
We recommend that the size of the short side of the image is at least 1500px. For the largest image size, we recommend that the image size is approx. 2650 x 1890px. If you need help or have questions about image size, contact our customer service!

Order a board from your own picture today!

P.S. Are you worried about sending a picture?

In the Nensa.fi online store, your photos are seen, processed and packaged by one person from start to finish. We also do not save image files after the image is printed.

In addition, our own door-to-door delivery is also available in the PK region: Our own driver will deliver the order, so you can be sure that your product will not get lost in the mail and that the driver will not bring e.g. a torn package to your door. If you want, ask more by email, info@nensa.fi!

If you order a board from your own picture, you must have access to the picture.


Puukuitukehys on suosituin kehysmallimme. Käytämme puukuitukehystä jos muuta ei ole mainittu. Puukuitukehyksessä on lasi.

Kehyksen takapuolella on ripustimet jonka avulla taulun voi ripustaa pysty- tai vaaka suunnassa. Puukuitukehyksen voi kiinnittää seinään ilman reikiä - kätevien ripustuspalojen avulla.


Arvokkaassa tammikehyksessä on lasi. Tammikehyksessä kuultaa puun syyt hieman läpi. Tammikehys on profiililtaan hieman kapeampi kuin puukuitukehys.

Tammikehyksen takapuolella on ripustimet jonka avulla taulun voi ripustaa koukkuun tai naulaan pysty- tai vaaka suunnassa.

Mikä on paspatuuri?

Paspatuuri, eli aukkopahvi on taulun lasin alle laitettava pahvinen kehys. Paspatuurin avulla kuva tulee enemmän huomion keskipisteeksi, jolloin se korostaa taulun aihetta entisestään. 

Paspatuuri on myös käytännöllinen, sillä se pitää kuvan irti lasista. Näin kuva ei pääse takertumaan lasiin kiinni ja pysyy siistimpänä. Käyttämämme paspatuuri on pH-neutraali, eli se ei vahingoita kuvaa. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Pentti H. (Joensuu)
Great board

A wonderful table came. Exactly as expected!

Jorma M. (Helsinki)

Board from my own picture

Hannele N. (Helsinki)

I definitely recommend it, I will use it myself in the future, it was very beautiful and of good quality!

Marjatta J. (Helsinki)

The picture was a little darker than I expected, I should have known how to choose something lighter. I am satisfied and the delivery was fast ☺️👍.

Antti H. (Helsinki)

Board from my own picture

Tiia S. (Helsinki)
Board from my own picture

Good quality and fast delivery!

Tuukka O. (Amsterdam)
Ordering three boards on the spur of the moment

I ordered a couple of smaller table-sized boards, and I saw one big wall board after a "few" years of thinking. Just a little googling, nensa.fi turned out to be reliable, and it was very easy to place the order here, all the information about the order was readily available. The delivery came quickly, in a neat package and best regards. :) thank you!

Paula T. (Helsinki)

Actually it was better than I expected ❤

Airi M. (Helsinki)
Framed board from my own picture.

The board is from my grandson and is absolutely wonderful, I recommend it. I'm thinking of making a painting of another girl too, the painting is so beautiful.

Leo L. (Helsinki)

Got what was ordered and on time. That's the big secret of a successful business.