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Framed posters from my own picture and Framed map posters. Decorate your walls!

Choose the size of the poster you want and the framing you like. Order easily online and decorate your home with products from Nensa online store!

Made just for you

We manufacture the products to order in order to avoid excess stock and waste. Our process has been honed to be straightforward, which means that you still don't have to wait for your products for weeks, but we can get them done in a few business days.

And since everything is done in Finland, the mailing only takes a few days.

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We want to create your picture!

We want to make pictures more sustainable than others. It means that we have chosen all the materials used ourselves and we print the products ourselves. We also pack the products by hand.

This is not the fastest or easiest way, but we believe that you would also prefer a product that lasts.