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With Command™ board hanging pieces, boards can be attached without nails or screws!

We recommend white mounts for white frames and black mounts for black frames.

This product fits well with nensa.fi's wood fiber frame. We do not recommend the product for an oak frame because the profile of the oak frame is so narrow.

Command™ products are an innovative solution for decorating and organizing anywhere at home, school or workplace. They have a good grip and can be removed neatly thanks to the 3M release mechanism. The adhesive of Command™ fixing products adheres well to various surfaces, such as solid, hollow and painted walls. Removes easily without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue. The product is perfectly suited for rental apartments, where no marks must be left on the wall surfaces.

The package contains 4 pieces of board hanging pieces (One hanging piece is two-part). You can attach one board with one package. The product's weight limit of 7.2 kg covers all frames sold in the nensa.fi online store.

Before installing:

After painting, wait seven (7) days before using. Remove hangers or other protruding parts from the back of the frame. Check that the fixing metals of the back plate of the frame are properly attached. If the frame has protruding metal parts or the like, they will leave a mark on the wall.

Do not hang above beds. Do not use on vinyl surfaces, wallpapered surfaces or other sensitive and weak surfaces. Do not use to hang valuables. Use indoors at +10°C...+40°C. Failure to follow instructions may cause damage.

Installation instructions:

1. First, clean the wall by wiping it gently with isopropanol intended for cleaning. Do not use household detergents, as they leave the surface slippery.
2. Separate the mounting pieces. Press the two mounting pieces together until you hear a click
3. Peel off one of the backing papers and press into the frame. Do the same for the other pairs of fastening pieces as shown in the picture above. Place the lower pair of mounting pieces about 2/3 down from the top edge of the frame.
4. Remove the remaining background papers and press the frame to the wall. Press both sides of the frame firmly against the wall for 30 seconds.
5. To make sure the attachment is secure, remove the frame from the wall by grasping its lower corners and pulling upwards and away from the wall. Do not pull straight out. After that, press the fixing pieces on the wall for 30 seconds. Make sure you press the entire fastener.
6. Wait 1 hour before placing the frame back on the wall. Align the mounting pieces of the frame with the pieces on the wall. Press until you hear the pair of mounting pieces click and lock into place.

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Delay vG (Helsinki)

Good customer service and the products are exactly what I wanted!

Inka K. (Tampere)

The delivery was smooth and the product was exactly as it should be. I recommend!