Nensa wants to make touching pictures for you!

Where did Nensa's story begin?

Moving to a new, newly renovated home. A year from now, the walls are still gleaming white. It just didn't seem like there were any pictures on the wall that would have brightened it up. Why should you put a picture of New York on the wall when you have never been to America?

It all started from there. On February 10, 2021, Sami founded Nensa Oy, whose goal is to make touching pictures.

From the beginning, learning about it

Nensa started operations by making boards from the customer's own picture. Taking photos and finding suitable frames may sound simple, but believe me, there are surprisingly many variables involved.

Helsinki district Map posters were also added to the selections right from the start. The first order from the online store was made on March 12, 2021.

The key ticket tells about Finnish work

Nensa's posters and boards were granted a key ticket in December 2021. Boards and posters are prepared, printed, framed and packed in Helsinki.

City illustrations

In March 2022, Nensa started cooperation with a domestic illustrator Anna Haimila's. Nensa's online store has Anna's illustrations for sale as boards, t-shirts and canvas bags.

The nose now and in the future

Nensa wants to continue making touching pictures for you. We stick to the fact that we only make products that we would use ourselves.